Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chat Bazaar introducing a Directory

Dear All,

We at Chat Bazaar recently decided to release a new human edited web directory in order to boost visitors(keep fingers crossed) to our website.

Introducing directory will be a permanent part our website. We will try to make the directory as clean and to the point as possible. Just like this blog the directory is created using third party tool. Which has the common features required for a common web directory.
Our directory can be found at . Directory is completely free but only supports reciprocal link exchanges.

Please feel free to comment and pass any suggestions in there on in our forums.

Hope you will enjoy your stay. We have started receiving a steady traffic to our website originating from different parts of the world.

Thanks and Happy reading

Web Team

Monday, April 30, 2007 Launched

Dear All,

We the Chat bazaar web team are really happy and hopeful for the Launch of, and looking to take the web site to it first full release.

The website is currently in beta version and a forum to follow up.

Coming Soon

Dear all visitors,

Welcome from your blogger M.Ali for the official blog for
Hope you all will enjoy your stay at our website.

As long as the website is not online i will be blogging here. If you are wondering why we are not using our hosting for these blogs , So we don't feel it doing it there as we can get a better tool here.

See you all so stay tunned , we will be online soon.

Thanks Regards